Events during the year

  • “Christmas in Paros”: it is an annual event that includes traditional carols from Greece, traditional dances, poetry and one act plays with regard to the celebration of the Twelve-day Holiday.
  • “Carnival in Paros”:  annual event of resurgence of local customs and games of the island, with traditional foods and dances.
  • “Theatrical spring”:  series of performances from the Adults’ Scene and the Children’s Scene every spring.
  • “Ai Yiannis Klidonas”:  Event of resurgence of customs of Klidona in Naoussa and Prodromos of Paros every June.
  • “Summertime in Naoussa”:  Dancing events in the yard of the church of Virgin Mary in Naoussa.
  • “Minor Asian Meeting of Paros”: events of memory for the Minor Asian Hellenism, in collaboration with the Cultural Association
  • “Atlantis” from Aspro Chorio every September.