parousiasi_xoros-_zevgari_lingThe Music and Dance Group “Naoussa Paros” functions for years in Naoussa, Paros and it has demonstrated work that, as many admit, contributes to the cultural upgrade of our island. It is a member of C.I.O.F.F. of Greece (Unesco-B), which is an International Organisation of Festival Organizers. It collaborates with other institutions of the island, of our country and abroad, aiming at the cultural growth and collaboration.






parousiasi-2There function departments for Traditional Dance, Theatre, Chorus, Folklore Collection/Museum, while at the same time there also exist an important Vestiary and a theatrical cloakroom.




parousiasi-3These actions embrace all the residents of the island. The events take place mainly in the Room of the Association in the peripheral street of Naoussa and in the open air.