children’s scene


  • “Denekedoupoli” by  E. Fakinou -fragmentary presentation
  • “The little pigs piggy-banks” by E. Trivizas
  • “Tryferakanthos” by El. Priovolou
  • “Mormolis” by R. Hahfeld
  • “The shoemaker and the fairy” by El. Priovolou
  • “The tempest” by W. Skakespear
  • “Dyosmaraki and Cinnamon” by Ar. Kontrafouri
  • “Odyssevach” by Xenia Kalogeropoulou
  • “The journey of Frinis, the dolphin” by M. Theodorakis (2009)
  • “A balloon full of secrets” by B. Papadimitrakis & N. Karagiannis (2011)
  • “Swan Lake” by Karmen Rougeris (2013)
  • “The heroic mouse and the song of Koula, the goat” (2014)
  • “Looking for Love within the musical paths” by Anna Xatzixristou (2015)
  • “Selinopoulimeni” Cycladic fairytale directed by E.Anagnostopoulou & B.Ventouri (2016)